Upload any image, and watch pixels.js filter your image! Great for testing out filters.

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All of the available photo filters are shown and demonstrated below. If you'd like to use a filter in your own projects, just include the name of the filter below the image. The Original is the first image.

Filters Available

From electric, cyberpunk filters to pastel tinted filters and everything in between, Pixels.js has a filter to show your image's unique flair.


From 1920s glamour to Parisian chic, from subtle violet tints to greyscale filters, vintage filters can help bring your photo back in time.


Faded hues, noisy filters, and glam tints encompass the retro filters on offer. We've got all the 1980s Retro Chic filters you've been looking for..


Electric effects and maximum noise dominate the cyberpunk filter collection.

Pixels.js is always improving and we're always adding new photo filters.

If you'd like to contribute, we're open-source, MIT-licensed, and always ready to accept pull requests.

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