A multi-purpose Discord bot with 50+ commands for meme creation, searching the web, formatting messages, and more: Now updated for 2019!

  • Make Memes
  • Caption GIFs
  • Search YouTube
  • Ask Onyx Anything
  • Plus 50 Other Commands
ONYX has over 50 commands.

Updates for 2019

Happy New Year! Onyx has received major updates for 2019, including music bot functionality, and sending eCards to other members on the server. You can now play music in a certain genre, such as lofi or synthwave, perfect for late-night listening.

To enable this, just join a Voice Channel, and type `-playmusic lofi`. The two genres available are lofi and synthwave, but many more are on the way. Other updates include:

  • You can now send eCards to others, with a message attached.
  • Now, you can send a trending GIFt to someone also, perfect for keeping up to date on what's trending online.
ONYX has new updates for 2019.

Make Memes & Caption GIFs

Make memes, caption GIFs, search for GIFS, memes . . . all out of the box.

  • Over 15 meme templates you can caption
  • Get trending GIFs and stickers
  • Translate words to GIFs and stickers
  • React with GIFs
  • Caption memes
ONYX can even make GIFs.
ONYX can help you search for stickers.
ONYX can answer all (well, most) of your questions.

Ask Onyx Anything

You can ask Onyx any question, and she'll provide detailed info. Need a definition? Want more info. on a topic? Just ask Onyx.

  • Get stats on your first name's popularity
  • Get definitions for any word
  • Get the meaning of acronyms and/or abbreviations
  • ...plus virtually any question you need answered!
ONYX can even make GIFs.

Get YouTube Videos & Listen to Music

Search for your favourite music videos or share your favourite videos with friends.

  • A single "yt" command is all you need to search YouTube
  • Lightning fast
  • Returns the first result from YouTube
  • Listen to music with the playmusic command: lofi and synthwave available.
ONYX allows you to search for YouTube videos.

Get The Latest Live Space Stats

Onyx has space covered. From photos of galaxies far away to live NASA footage, Onyx is keeping her eye on the stars.

  • Get live footage of Earth as seen from the NOAA Discovery Probe
  • Get live ISS co-ordinates
  • Get photos of galaxies, solar systems, and more

ONYX can get all the latest space stats.

Tons of Message Formatting

Now you can transform your message into something spectacular.

  • Translate to binary, 1337, advanced 1337
  • Turn messages into emojipastas
  • Emojify your message's letters
  • Translate words to GIFs
ONYX can format messages and even translate them.

Entertain Your Server With Fun and Media Commands

Onyx comes with dozens of fun and media commands that'll keep your server entertained for hours.

  • Fetch images from Unsplash and Pixabay
  • Make captchas, QR codes, and bar codes from plaintext
  • Get comics
ONYX can provide meanings for acronyms.

Continually Updated

Over three new commands get added to Onyx every week, so you'll always have new commands and functionality on the way. (See Onyx Labs for features coming soon)

Coming Soon

  • Spotify Integration
  • Points-Based Economy System
  • Futuristic Server Stats Commands
  • A live dashboard

Got an idea for a feature? Contact @Silvia923#9909 on Discord, or utilise Onyx's idea command. :D

ONYX can provide meanings for acronyms.
ONYX can provide meanings for acronyms.

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