See what new features are being developed for Onyx right now.

Spotify Integration.

Get metadata on your favourite songs, albums, and artists.

  • Play 30 second preview clips of songs
  • Discover more songs from the artists you love
  • Get extra information on the song you're listening to



Movie information retrieval.

Get ratings for your favourite films, see their actors, and more.

  • Get stats on the movie's ratings
  • Get a brief synopsis of the movie
  • Also includes a variety of extra info. that will make movie searching a more breezy one.

Live Dashboard Coming Soon.

I cannot guarantee a dashboard for server owners, at this time, but I am working on connecting Onyx's live stats to a dashboard of some sort, so that you can view how many commands she's receiving in real-time, how many servers she's in., as well as live heartbeat info.

This is definitely a feature I want to implement very soon!

  • A login system for server owners may be on the way, depending on the time I'll have in the coming months.
  • Track Onyx's growth in real-time


Trivia quizzes.

Get points by answering trivia questions correctly.

  • Great for economy-based servers that want users to gain points.
  • Question topics can be chosen from a variety of domains, including technology to movies to everything in between!