Want to contribute?

Want to get insider access to Onyx's development? Scroll to see 4 ways you can do so.

Invite Onyx To Your Server

Contact Silvia on Discord.

I love chatting to other developers, so if you've got any cool ideas, or want to become a contributor, just add me on Discord: @Silvia923#9909

I can't wait to talk to you. ^.^ Whether you want to let me know of your ideas, want to work on a feature with me, or just want to ask questions, just hit me up.

Also, I always accept pull requests (see below) on GitHub, so if you like coding, I'm up for checking out your pull requests.

ONYX can even make GIFs.

Join Onyx's Support Server.

The Onyx Support Server comprises a fun community of developers, server owners, and Discordians who get insider access to all of Onyx's latest features. You can join, and let us know of your ideas. Since we're a community of collaborators, we'll be excited to see what ideas you've got, and to working/coding with you maybe.

We can't wait to see you join! We'll be waiting for ya ;D

ONYX can even make GIFs.
ONYX can even make GIFs.

Submit A Pull Request via GitHub

If you've got some code to add, just submit a pull request via GitHub.

It'll either get accepted, accepted with some changes, or rejected, since certain commands can't be accepted, such as NSFW commands.

Onyx is powered with the Discord.js Library and the Commando framework, which are relatively straightforward to learn, and have excellent documentation, so you'll be up to speed before you know it.


Utilise Onyx's idea command.

If you've got a server with Onyx running on it, just send

idea [your idea]

and it'll get added to my idea queue.

Who knows, it just might become a new feature some day! While I can't accept NSFW ideas, everything else could be a possibility, though I cannot make any guarantees.

Onyx is powered by its users (and Node.js, of course), so if you've got any ideas, make sure to send them my way.

Submit your own feature ideas or requests to Onyx!